SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE7 copie

Stabilized plants also dress your walls ! A 100% natural and 100% sustainable creation. Try this DIY, and in only 45 minutes you will have made a beautiful vegetal frame.


SN DIY Tableaupurple Matériel 2To make this DIY, you need :
– 2 preserved dendrobium
– 10 preserved english roses
– 3 preserved gerbera
– 1 preserved hydrangea
– 20 preserved cobra leaves
– 4 pinholder
– Floral foam
– Technic glue and hot glue
– A slim frame (H 60cm x L 18cm)

1 / Foam the frame to the dimensions using the 4 pinholders.

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE1 copie

2 / Cut out a 7 cm wide foam strip from the height of the frame and glue it onto the first foam.

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE2 copie

3 / Cut the cobra leaves in half

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE3 copie

4 / Cover the foam with the leaves, fix them with pins

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE4 copie

5 / On the upper central part, glue the different flowers alternately in order to create a dynamic.

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE5 copie

6 /With the hydrangea sections, fill in the foam parts that are still visible.

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE6 copie

7 / Cut the cobra leaves that protrude out of the frame.

SN DIY TableauPurple ETAPE7 copie

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