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After the rose tower, we introduce you its little sister, the fall tower. This time a creation with autumnal notes and colors, with Chrysanthemum in the spotlight.


SF DIY Fiches DIY Tourdautomne MatérielTo make this Do It Yourself, you need :
– A vertical container
– 5 colored wood sticks
– Colored rattan
– 5 orange wicker balls
– 2 coco cups
– 3 preserved chrysanthemum ping pong
– Stem wrap tape
– 5 Florist stems wire
– Floral foam
– Tools
– Hot glue
– 2 preserved red salal stems
– 3 piks (one small and two longs)

1 / Split the pine and rattan strips lengthwise.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE1 copieSN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE1 copie 1

2 / Auto-block the items in the container.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE2 copie

3 / Foam the flower container to the neck of the vase.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE3 copie

4 / Floratape 5 technical wires and mount the wicker balls.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE4 copie
SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE4 copie 1
SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE4 copie 2

5 / Mount the Chrysanthemums on the flower holders and floratape them halfway up the stem.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE5 copie
SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE5 copie 1

6 / Stick the wicker balls alternately into the foam at different heights.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE6 copie

7/ Fix the coconut shells to the edges of the vase with hot glue.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE7 copie

8 / Stick the Chrysanthemums in the foam.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE8 copie

9 / Auto-block the rattan in the wicker balls.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE9 copie

10 / Auto-block the salal leaves in the pine slides.

SN DIY Tourdautomne ETAPE10 copieSN DIY Tourdautomne FINAL1 copie

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