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The floral art in preserved plants has no more secrets for our guest Émilia Oliverio, MOF. She has been expressing her creativity for more than 25 years through floral compositions for many occasions. She gives you her advice on how to successfully integrate preserved flowers into your business. Learn more about an eclectic artist who has found a unique way of expression in preserved flowers.

Hello Émilia, can you describe in a few sentences your career and your activity?

Émilia Oliverio: I have a rather atypical career where art is the main thread: greatly involved in the floral world for many years, I share my passion for this art.
I am :
– Best Worker of France in 2000,
– Flor designer international 1992,
– Finalist 3rd Coupe de France 1999,
– Teleflora World Cup Finalist with first prize for the public.
My training :
– DUT in Law and DNAP in Applied Arts
Today I run two companies including Kennedy Center, which is a call centre and AI2F  (Academy of florist training) a publishing house specializing in the world of floral art.
I publish specialized books and the international magazine Nacre which is a reference magazine in Floral Art. This magazine highlights the floral artistic feeling of French and international designers.

My skills led me to collaborate closely as Artistic Director with the FLORAJET brand, leader in France of floral transmission.
In parallel to all these activities I am a painter listed on Drouot.

Since when do you know the flowers and plants stabilized?

E.O.: I have know preserved flowers and plants for almost 25 years for having learned to work with the great Master in Floral Art Guy Martin, with whom I graduated from Flor Designer.

On what occasions do you use these plants?

E.O.: I like to use them to make arrangements with a great life span for customers.
I work both classical forms, bouquets of brides and contemporary forms, such as paintings, floral jewellery and many other creations.

What do you think are the major strengths of stabilized plants?

E.O.: For me, the advantages of stabilized plants are their durability without a doubt, but also this natural and deceptive aspect that amuses me without forgetting their colours.

What advice would you give to those who want to get started?

E.O.: Start by elaborating small creations around a rose while having an interesting sampling to propose. Then, make known the product by making pieces like some forms of bouquets of brides, and dedicate a space.

What comparisons do you make between the fresh vegetable and the stabilized plant?

E.O.: I do not make any particular comparison between these two products, because I know when, and for what occasion, I can use one or the other.

How are stabilized plants ecological?

E.O.: I confess that I have some difficulty in answering this question, but I would say that the stabilized plants are ecological in terms of plant culture but also to the process of “transformation” without forgetting the dyes.

Are stabilized plants next-generation products ?

E.O.: To say they are next-generation products, yes certainly, but we must begin to think about it today to accustom our customers, who are increasingly looking for new products.

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