Retailers, seize this opportunity for Valentine’s Day!

rose eternelles stabilisees vendus en vente additionnelle chez un coiffeur jean vallon strategie pour la saint valentin

It’s time to talk about strategies, especially upsell. Whether you are a chocolatier, a jeweller, a hairdresser, an online retailer or a brick and mortar shop, this opportunity will definitely increase your turnover during the commercial holidays. Starting with Valentine’s Day which, in an average of 28 countries, 55% of couples celebrate every year. Find out in this article how this event can boost your sales very simply.

What is upselling for your shop?

Upselling is a sales technique that involves offering to buy a product or service that is more expensive or more comprehensive than the one they originally requested. The aim of upselling is to maximize profits by encouraging customers to spend more. Most of the time, this is done when the customer is already in the process of completing their purchase. For example, when you go to the hairdresser, they will tend to offer you to buy the wonderful treatment they gave you, or the perfect shampoo for your new colour. Note that you can sell products that are different from your main business. Many chocolate shops offer stuffed animals for sale at Easter. And yes, upselling is as simple as that.

Who is likely to bring you more turnover?

On holidays like Valentine’s Day, your customers will go to the shop or online to buy a gift for their loved one. While some venture to give original gifts for this occasion, 73% choose flowers to declare their love. Lovebirds are your main target from mid-January to 14 February. With this in mind, your regular clientele is actually your secondary target. Anyone is likely to grab a last-minute gift or treat themselves during a little shopping spree. For example, at the bakery, a customer buying pastries on the way to a dinner party may be tempted to treat the host with an everlasting rose.

How to implement this business strategy with preserved plants?

As experts in preserved flowers and plants, we have all the solutions you need for upselling and generating more turnover with preserved plants, regardless of your business sector.

How to set up your upsell strategy?

The strategy must be clearly defined before it can be implemented. Once it is established, it is important to ensure that all elements of the shop are aligned with this strategy. Signage should be clear and concise, and products should be highlighted. To do this, place products close to the entrance/exit, the checkout and the place where your customers stay the longest. Signage should highlight the value of the product, its price and be salesy. For example, a preserved rose is a sign of unconditional love that lasts a lifetime; for only €20, your customers shouldn’t go without it.

Which products to offer for additional sales in a shop?

Now that you know how to set up an upselling strategy in your shop, here is a selection of products to buy at bargain prices for professionals:

Only professionals have access to the prices on If you are a private individual and would like to purchase one of our products, please visit your nearest florist.

I had a successful Valentine’s Day, now what?

Once your Valentine’s Day is over and successful, you’ll probably be wondering how you can continue to benefit from those hundreds of euros in extra sales. The good news is that preserved roses can be bought all year round! You can then set up these additional sales 365 days a year with specific communications and signage during commercial holidays. Moreover, preserved flowers and plants are easy to handle and do not require any special techniques. You can therefore create customized mini-bouquets or reproduce easy-to-follow DIYs to sell them.

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