Regularly referred to as « Heaven on Earth » by many authors and philosophers, China’s West Lake is located in the southeast of the country, in the city of Hangzhou. The lake, known for its impressive scenery that has inspired painters and poets, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has several parts – such as […]


In the Marina Bay area of southern Singapore there is Gardens by the Bay, a futuristic park. The 101 hectare park was opened in 2012 after the government expressed its desire to have more nature in the city. The garden is divided in three parts : Bay South Garden, Bay Central Garden and Bay East […]


For a few years now, hat boxes have come back into fashion… as flower boxes! It’s not their primary function – however original – that makes them so trendy these days : it’s actually the function we’ve assigned to them over the years, a flower container. Although these hat boxes originally contained fresh flowers, the […]

What is it ?

We already talked about plant conservation methods such as spraying or immersion preservation. Today we are going to talk about the freeze-drying technique. This method is often equated or mistaken for the classic plant drying. Freeze-drying is a process invented in the early 20th century by french scientists. This conservation method is used for many […]


Under Thailand’s humid and sweltering heat, the flower market Pak Khlong Talat in Bangkok brings a real breath of fresh and perfumed air. Thailand is one of the largest consumer and producer of flowers worldwide. In bracelets, necklaces, crowns, garlands, bouquets or even to decorate your house or car, flowers are everywhere ! Pak Khlong […]


Everyone is familiar with lavender: its little strands, its short flowering stem and its characteristic scent. What could be better than to take advantage of the summer to go for a walk where the magic happens. Valensole, located in the Verdon Natural Regional Park, is a commune whose Latin name Vallis Solis means « the valley […]


If you can’t get to the flowers, they will come to you! This is the concept of the flower truck. You may already be familiar with food trucks: large vehicles equipped with cooking facilities to offer a catering service near you. The principle is the same, but here the food is replaced by flowers. This […]


It’s time to start planning your summer holiday. Take the opportunity to get inspired in Marrakech by visiting the Majorelle Garden. In the heart of the ochre city is an Art Deco house in cobalt blue. This shade of blue is now named after its creator and the founder of the garden: « Majorelle Blue […]

Do It Yourself !

The flower crown: The ultimate spring accessory. Check out this version by Benoît Saint-Amand that combines elegance and naivety, perfect for giving your customers a nymph look. For a wedding, a special occasion or just for fun, offer this dreamlike arrangement with rose, hydrangea and eucalyptus. La couronne de fleurs: L’accessoire par excellence du printemps. Découvrez cette version de […]


Benoît Saint-Amand was inspired by Mother’s Day to design this luminous box full of sweetness: Fancy Pink Blush roses for fantasy, pastel pink hydrangea for sophistication, and Lamb’s ear leaves for tenderness. All delicately presented in a white hat box for a refreshing effect. Benoît Saint-Amand s’inspire de la fête des mères pour concevoir cette […]