The Phalaenopsis orchid, or butterfly orchid, is at the heart of today’s composition. With its tropical theme, it is the perfect reminder of the arrival of the summer months, and combines perfectly with asplenium leaves and white amaranth. Fixed on an unusual half-moon bouquet base, and thanks to the pink skeleton leaves, it gives a […]


In Japan, hanami literally means « looking at flowers ». It is the traditional springtime custom of appreciating the beauty of flowers, mainly cherry blossoms, when they are in full bloom (from late March or early April). The huge Nara Park, which covers more than 500 hectares, is one of the oldest in the country. This […]

Do It Yourself !

A creation with contemporary notes and pure lines. All adorned with pretty roses on stems and a few wicker branches… Enough to impress the gallery, isn’t it?  Follow this step-by-step to create this composition in just 15 minutes. Une création aux notes contemporaines et aux lignes épurées. Le tout orné de jolies roses sur tiges […]

Do It Yourself !

No, we’re not going to talk about Blondie’s song today, but about a new composition on the theme of Valentine’s Day! A perfect little container to discreetly decorate your space and highlight the red rose: the symbol par excellence of romance. Et non, on ne va pas parler de la chanson de Blondie aujourd’hui, mais […]