Do It Yourself !

A floral creation with graphic touches, white as snow. 20 minutes will be enough for you to complete this composition. To your flower holders, ready? Go!  Une création florale aux touches graphiques, blanche comme neige. 20 minutes vous suffiront pour réaliser cette composition. A vos piques à tiger, prêts ? Piquez !  EQUIPMENT | LE MATÉRIEL  To make this […]

What is it ?

For several years we have witnessed the popularization of many fields: natural sciences, history, and even news. In addition to selling, it is sometimes a matter of making shortcuts suggesting that the subject is mastered. At SecondFlor, we decided to take the opposite view. We prefer to initiate the movement of knowledge so that no […]


Maryse Gilbert

Secondnatur: Hello Maryse. Can you tell us about the beginnings of Bijou Végétal? Maryse Gilbert-Guillon: My story with Bijou Végétal is also the story of a professional retraining. I was in charge of human resources for 15 years. I wanted to redirect myself without really knowing where to go. I had a friend who is […]


Secondnatur: Hi Kenichi. Would you please Introduce yourself telling us about your education and professional background ? Kenichi Ohchi: I grew up in tamba-city, Hyogo-pre in Japan where you can find our factory. Each season, this place in Japan is displaying the diversity of plants and the beauty of nature. I was interested in literature and education. So […]