Do It Yourself !

Discover this delicate arrangement, ideal for presenting a festive effect to your customers. The glitter, silver ribbon and decorative stars create a New Year’s Eve look. Make this creation in a few easy steps and only a few minutes. Découvrez cette délicate composition, idéale pour présenter un effet festif à votre clientèle. Les paillettes, le […]

Do It Yourself !

A glittering wave is coming into your home, thanks to this dynamic arrangement in festive colours: with red roses, silver wicker and Christmas decorations. Find out how to create this centrepiece in just a few easy steps, bringing a little Christmas magic to your interior decoration. Une vague pailletée déferle chez vous, grâce à cette composition […]


Benoît Saint-Amand presents a new creation with a seasonal theme to bring a warm touch to your interior decoration. The cup, made with natural wicker, serves as a base for different varieties of stabilized plants and flowers. Roses, hydrangea, gypsophila and velvet leaves are harmoniously arranged in this delicate creation with autumnal colours. Benoît Saint-Amand […]


Madeira is a small archipelago belonging to Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean. The main island of the same name has the particularity of being very lush with greenery compared to other volcanic islands. Its year-round mild climate is home to an abundant and varied flora. Every year, this year exceptionally in October, is when […]