Camila Carlow or the art of blooming all our vital organs

Camila Carlow’s art is unique and bold. It has been a sensation on social media and has captured the world’s attention. Let’s discover her work together.

LEGO + Flowers = Inspiration in the World of Floral Art

Legos, the symbols of our childhood, have made a comeback in the world of floral art, but this time with a touch of sophistication. Get inspired on SecondNatur.

Why do stabilised plants and flowers no longer need water?

Stabilised plants and flowers are a real miracle of horticultural technology! Thanks to a natural, environmentally-friendly preservation process, they no longer need water to stay fresh and vibrant for years. We explain everything in this article.

Taupe is taking over the floral industry – Florists, be at the forefront of trends

The world of floristry is constantly evolving, and this year there’s one colour that’s making a strong and elegant statement: “taupe”. Let’s get inspired by this trend and find out why it’s causing a sensation in the floral industry in 2023.

Stabilised wedding – the eternal magic of preserved flowers

Let your creativity shine and amaze your guests with a preserved wedding. Preserved flowers add a magical, timeless touch to any event, creating lasting memories. Discover them on SecondNatur.

The hidden face of Chinese plants – an ecological disaster you must avoid

The stabilised industry is growing exponentially, offering professionals many durable and aesthetically appealing products. However, it is essential to remain vigilant in the face of the emergence of plants from China on the market. We discuss them in this article.

« Aspidistra » by Labotanica Design

Discover this refreshing creation, Aspidistra, created by Labotanica Design. Find out more about the process used to create this decorative structure, which is the perfect addition to a natural interior.

Decorate your hotel or restaurant with preserved plants

In the era of Instagram and TikTok, decorate your hotel or restaurant is crucial to attracting customers. This is especially true for hotels and restaurants, which sell an experience, a living environment for a stay. Find out more about our tips for choosing the right decor in this article.

Everyone’s hooked on the barbiecore trend

The Barbiecore trend has recently emerged, inspired by the coming release of the Barbie film starring Margot Robbie in the iconic role of Barbie. How can you adopt it? Read the article.

Preserved Floral Magic: Discover Emma Morgan’s Inspirational Masterpieces

Whether you’re an art lover, a flower enthusiast or a professional in the floral sector, Emma Morgan’s illustrations will inspire and amaze you with their finesse and poetry.

Meet Ole Faarbaek, general manager of the preserved plants group Innovaflora (Verdissimo…)

Verdissimo (a brand of the Innovaflora group) has launched new eco-friendly packaging for their stem roses and this is part of an ecological approach that the editors appreciate. We talk about it in this episode by interviewing Ole Faarbaek, world manager of Innovaflora group.

“Juniperus Bonsai” by Labotanica Design

Discover the Juniperus Bonsai created by Labotanica Design in the SecondNatur studio. Labotanica Design is a floral designer who works with fresh, dried and preserved plants in the heart of Toulouse, France.

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