The perfect holiday DIYs to make for your flower business

Preserved commercial arrangements are perfect to increase the average basket of your customers and encourage impulse buying during the festive season. They are also excellent for you, florists and retailers, as you can prepare them as early as November and offer them for sale throughout December. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to create your self-service arrangements. In this article, we will inspire you and guide you step by step to create commercial arrangements that your customers will fall in love with when they visit your shop whether it’s online or IRL.

Why preserved plants are a viable alternative to address the energy crisis.

Dutch growers use heated greenhouses to speed up production processes and supply many countries with fresh flowers all year round. The current energy crisis is having a major impact on their business and margins. In this context, the issue of whether to suspend or carry on arises. 8% of growers in the Netherlands are planning to go out of business this year. Preserved flowers offer a sustainable alternative to florists so that they can reduce their losses and energy consumption.

FOCUS: Key jobs in the preserved plants industry in 2023

The sector of stabilized flowers and plants is booming. These eco-friendly products are very profitable thanks to their stable prices and long shelf life. It is therefore not surprising that new businesses are emerging from this very attractive market. Producers, wholesalers, craftspeople and many others are becoming key contributors to the plant world.

The Marqueyssac Gardens

Located in the southern Dordogne, the Hanging Gardens of Marqueyssac are on the list of remarkable gardens of France. Surrounding the 18th century castle, the grounds extend for around 4 miles of shaded walks, lined with 150,000 hand-trimmed boxwoods, and embellished with gazebos, rock gardens, waterfalls and open air theaters…

« Gipsy Queen » by Aurélien Guintoli

In upcycling, the miscellaneous resources that are no longer used are fully reused in order to transform them into something new. It is in this vein that Aurélien Guintoli was inspired to create Gipsy Queen. First, a foundation was made with a half-sphere in extruded polystyrene. The outline of the sphere was covered with pieces of colorful recycled fabric. He then stitched and matched many varieties of preserved flowers. Sunflowers, wild roses, craspedia, gypsophila, diosmi, chrysanthemum, jasmine, orchid, hydrangea, and physalis all blend together to form a vibrant arrangement.

Naturya – The Musical & Floral Show

More than a performance, Naturya is an experience. A human and artistic adventure that takes us into a unique vegetal and floral fairy tale. Axel Montel originally imagined this ecological fable in 2007, and then began to bring it to life following his meeting with the composer Jean-Jacques Futterer. Between 2014 and 2019, the Naturya tribe performed sold-out shows at every performance.

What are the advantages of green walls in the workplace?

Walls made from stabilized plants are THE trend of the moment. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of these vertical gardens, their use in offices has multiple virtues. What are green walls made of? Before identifying the advantages of stabilized green walls, it is necessary to understand what stabilisation is. It is a technology for…

Preservation, stabilization, freeze-drying… The importance of choosing words for vegetals

All too often, the term “stabilised” is misused to describe plants that are not. In order to clarify all the techniques that exist and to give the right information about the product we are selling, we are creating a semantic that did not exist before. Find out more in this article.

“Beauty of the fields” by Benoît Saint-Amand

Benoît Saint-Amand presents a gentle creation with a romantic, country spirit. The bouquet holder structure serves as a base for assembling gypsophila, stoebe and stypa. Fancy roses are delicately scattered in the middle of the bouquet and blend perfectly with the lightness of the mountain fern leaves.

“Summer Raindrop” by Aurélien Guintoli

On a base with a unique shape, Aurélien Guintoli proposes a summer creation in the shape of a drop with yellow tones. It is made up of dried lona, stabilised craspedia, dried starflower and a beautiful and unique stabilized pink orchid. The impact created by this diversity of plants brightens up any environment where this piece is given a home.

“Bridal Bouquet” by Benoît Saint-Amand

Discover this timeless bridal bouquet by Benoît Saint-Amand. This delicate creation is made of 3 different types of white and grey roses, white hydrangea, mini pampas, ferns and Easter lilies. Set on a mesh structure made with the Twist technique, each stem was recreated with galvanised wire covered in Flowertape.

The art of William Amor : when waste & plastic pollution become precious

Plastic is fantastic! A slogan that could easily be adopted by William Amor, the Parisian plastician artist. This self-taught creator transforms trash from pollution – such as plastic bags, empty bottles, abandoned rope and cigarette butts – into incredibly detailed floral compositions. Truer than nature, his artificial flowers are the result of long hours of…

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