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All professionals in the Contiguous United States are now able to purchase preserved flowers and plants on The best quality/price ratio on the market, ultra-fast delivery or even a professional and available commercial service – in short, our US customers will also enjoy the same advantages as their European counterparts. SecondFlor is the business partner you can rely on.

The “wedding comb” by Le Dahlia Noir

Le Dahlia Noir has created for our magazine a trendy wedding comb made of preserved flowers for the 2023 weddings. Between craftsman and artist, the founder of Le Dahlia Noir, Lénaic Peillon, is a visionary. He advocates slow consumption, which is why he made the ecological choice of preserved flowers.

The “bridal bouquet” by Le Dahlia Noir

Le Dahlia Noir plunges into a poetic universe, mixing fashion, art, architecture and design, to seduce future brides. Lénaic Peillon, its founder, accepted our invitation and created for SecondNatur, a series of WORKS to discover in the world of weddings. After the boutonniere, he created a trendy bridal bouquet in pink and nude tones.

These 2023 wedding trends that brides-to-be love

The 2023 wedding trends are varied, colourful and grandiose. We can’t wait to see all the creations you’ll be making for your clients’ most beautiful day. And because a wedding without flowers is like a summer without sun, we have combined all the wedding trends for 2023 in this article.

The “boutonniere” by Le Dahlia Noir

In this first WORKS, Le Dahlia Noir made a boutonniere in nude pink tones, under the sharp eye of our cameras. Le Dahlia Noir is a brand with a strong and baroque identity, launched by Lénaic Peillon in 2020. He has created a poetic universe, mixing fashion, art, architecture and design, to seduce future brides.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden: a floral oasis in the desert

The Miracle Garden in Dubai is a wonderful place where flowers are the centrepiece. Since we at SecondNatur also celebrate plants, we’ll take you on an inspirational stroll in this article.

“Coupe de Lys” by Benoît Saint-Amand

Benoît Saint-Amand, the best craftsman in France, has created a WORKS entitled “Coupe de Lys”. This decorative bouquet, ideal for decorating an entrance, a lobby or a hotel reception, is simply composed of 4 preserved plants for a wow effect.

Do preserved plants produce oxygen?

We all learnt the principles of photosynthesis at school, by means of which green plants purify the air by turning the CO2 in the air into oxygen. When commissioning preserved plant walls, you and your customers may well wonder whether this principle also applies to preserved vegetation? This article explains it all.

Preserved plant wall: how to do it?

As you know, the preserved green wall is perfect to offer your customers a green interior without maintenance. It brings a touch of biophilic design to interiors in a sustainable and ecological way. As an expert in preserved plants for more than 15 years, we have combined the best tips for creating your own plant walls especially for the readers of our magazine.

Retailers, seize this opportunity for Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to talk about strategies, especially upsell. Whether you are a chocolatier, a jeweller, a hairdresser, an online retailer or a brick and mortar shop, this opportunity will definitely increase your turnover during the commercial holidays. Find out in this article how this event can boost your sales very simply.

The perfect DIYs to make with preserved roses (for Valentine’s Day and more)

Here is a collection of DIYs that are full of ideas and creativity. Making commercial arrangements with preserved roses is the thing to do in anticipation of Valentine’s Day between December and early February. Here are some DIYs to make for your customers on Valentine’s Day and more.

The 2023 trends in the flower and plant sector

The flowers and preserved plants are used in interior design, for the decoration of professional establishments in the hotel and restaurant industry, as gifts, at weddings or professional events (trade fairs, seminars, etc.) and on many other occasions. The editors have put together a list of the biggest trends for flowers and plants in 2023.

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