Our tips for using preserved plants in the creation of terrariums

In recent years, in line with the trends of biophilic design and a pronounced return to greenery, terrariums have gained significant popularity, ultimately convincing nature enthusiasts whether or not they possess a green thumb. We can’t tell you enough: with preserved plants, anything is possible, including terrariums. Discover our expert advice.

Meet Tim Huckabee from “The Profitable Florist”, the coach who helps florists boost sales

After 26 years of activity, The Profitable Florist has supported more than 7,000 florists in five continents. The result? 25% typical sales increase seen by their customers
Tim is now living between Amsterdam and New York City. We met him to talk about his work in Europe.

How do I choose my stabilised flower wholesaler? Where can I buy stabilised plants?

This article provides a comprehensive guide to choosing a stabilised flower wholesaler and finding the best options for your commercial or decorative needs.

“Maple velvet” by Labotanica Design

Labotanica Design pays tribute to Japan with this work of maple art. The stabilised finish will keep this work of art intact for many years.

How can stabilised plants help professionals deal with the stress of the festive season?

The festive season is one of the busiest times and source of stress of the year for florists. More and more professionals are discovering an innovative solution to make this period more manageable and profitable: stabilised plants.

The craze for Christmas garlands and stabilised plants

Did you know that there’s an innovative and sustainable way to create Christmas garlands? The use of stabilised flowers and plants in garlands is a fast-growing trend that adds a unique, eco-friendly touch to your festive decorations.

Why is SecondFlor no longer offering Black Friday?

Secondflor.com blacklists Black Friday. Prices remain the same whether it’s Black Friday or the rest of the year, so there are no surprises. Why is Secondflor blacklisting?

Get your flower shop ready for Christmas

It’s time for florists to get ready for a magical Christmas season. To stand out from the crowd and offer your customers an exceptional experience, decorating your shop is essential. In this article, we’ll explore how to prepare your flower shop with a special touch of stabilised flowers and plants.

Mood Moss VS ball moss : a comparison of two biophilic design stars

Very popular in the United States, the mood moss is coming to Europe and will quickly become very popular. This new plant is very similar to ball moss with its rounded shape. Find out how it compares in this article.

How to decorate your shop or business establishment with an autumn theme

Autumn is slowly settling in, and with it comes an opportunity to rethink the decoration of your business. This season conjures up images of shimmering colors, falling leaves, and warm moments with family and friends. To capture this autumnal mood in your establishment, consider using stabilized plants. Ideas for a warm autumn decor After the…

Camila Carlow or the art of blooming all our vital organs

Camila Carlow’s art is unique and bold. It has been a sensation on social media and has captured the world’s attention. Let’s discover her work together.

LEGO + Flowers = Inspiration in the World of Floral Art

Legos, the symbols of our childhood, have made a comeback in the world of floral art, but this time with a touch of sophistication. Get inspired on SecondNatur.


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