Welcome in our premises

In 2016 was born Secondflor.com (you understand that it is our site of online sale of preserved plants and flowers). And that says new activity also says new premises!

Because we like the sun from the south, we settled in Castries near Montpellier. And because we love comfort, we offered ourselves superb rooms where nothing is missing. Are you being visited? Follow us.

The tour begins with a warehouse of 500m². Yes because it takes space and shelves to store the largest number of references to the world of preserved flowers, foliage and moss! And as that was not enough, there were even added references of dried elements, feathers, etc. After a ride in the aisles of the warehouse, small stop in the area of preparation of orders to make a small cuckoo to our logistic team which is in the process of preparing all your parcels with care and love.

Then a small passage through our laboratory. Yes you have read, a lab because we are not only stabilized plant sellers, we have become over the years experts in stabilization. This is where our R&D team tests new species or carries out “crash tests” of new products. Because in addition to being pretty and varied, we want our products to be reliable, is still better not?

Let us now leave the lab for you to discover the open space and say hello to our smiling team dedicated to customer service. You will recognize them easily, their helmet is grafted to their ears, you see? They will always have a careful note for you and will answer all your questions.

To meet Alex and Mikaël, our two founding geeks from SecondFlor & SecondNatur, now go upstairs. You will find them in their office right next to our beautiful meeting room where they meet regularly with the marketing team and dig themselves a little more each day to offer you the best offer on the market and at the best price!

Discover our photo studio where our creatives shoot all the original visuals of SecondFlor to give you envy and inspiration, and create for you “Do it yourself” and guide you step by step …

Always upstairs, enter our creative workshop where we welcome real artisans and artists who come to work our preserved products to make genuine original floral creations.

Before going down, let us also show you our training room that you will be lent with pleasure. So if you want a place to train professionals or florists of tomorrow to preserved plants, we will be delighted to welcome you to our home!

You have now made the tour, but we will not let you leave again before having taken with us a small coffee!

And if we settled in our sofas or on our large sun terrace ? Interesting, isn’t it?


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