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comment realiser mur vegetal stabilise how to make a green wall

Preserved plant wall: how to do it?

As you know, the preserved green wall is perfect to offer your customers a green interior without maintenance. It brings a touch of biophilic design to interiors in a sustainable and ecological way. As an expert in preserved plants for more than 15 years, we have combined the best tips for creating your own plant walls especially for the readers of our magazine.

rose eternelles stabilisees vendus en vente additionnelle chez un coiffeur jean vallon strategie pour la saint valentin

Retailers, seize this opportunity for Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to talk about strategies, especially upsell. Whether you are a chocolatier, a jeweller, a hairdresser, an online retailer or a brick and mortar shop, this opportunity will definitely increase your turnover during the commercial holidays. Find out in this article how this event can boost your sales very simply.

Vue de face d'un fleuriste professionnel qui attache un ruban gros grain autour de la boîte en carton conetnant des fleurs stabilisees.

FOCUS: Key jobs in the preserved plants industry in 2023

The sector of stabilized flowers and plants is booming. These eco-friendly products are very profitable thanks to their stable prices and long shelf life. It is therefore not surprising that new businesses are emerging from this very attractive market. Producers, wholesalers, craftspeople and many others are becoming key contributors to the plant world.

UNE abonnements bouquet

Professional bouquet subscriptions 2.0

The bouquet subscription involves renting and having a bouquet of flowers delivered each week to improve the attractiveness and image of a place. This service is generally dedicated to professionals and is offered to all companies such as restaurants, hotels, cafés, banks, public places…

Boites à chapeaux Nicolai Bergmann

The hat boxes phenomenon and preserved

In recent years, hatboxes have come back into fashion… as flower boxes! So it’s not their primary function—however original—that makes them so trendy these days: it’s actually the function we’ve assigned to them over time, that of flower container.

ws Pink Flower Field Mount Fuji 1920x1200 1

Preserved flowers and plants in Japan

In the land of chrysanthemums, floral art is a tradition dating back to ancient Asian civilizations. Japanese people attach great importance to floral decoration and retain a special bond with flowers. Recently, preserved flowers have become so popular in Japan that the country has become one of the world’s largest consumers.

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