Come and meet plant professionals who are passionate about preserved plants. They will share with you their passion, their discovery of preserved plants and their entrepreneurial journey. If you want to share your story, contact us.

Meet Maria Clara Correa from Kiara Flowers

We invite you to discover Maria Clara Correa, the producer of Kiara Flowers stabilized roses. In the early 2010s, she tells us how choosing preserved flowers saved her business and what challenges she overcame. Keep reading to find out more about the success story of the Queen of Roses.

Meet Anthony Denis, floral designer and trainer

A flowery bow tie, an ice cream cone filled with stabilized flowers, decors with vivid colors… Anthony Denis’ world is unique because of his inspirations and various personal as well as professional experiences that he shares with us in this interview. Today, as an instructor, he has at heart to share his passion for floral art with future floral designers, while cultivating the bright future of preserved plants.

Meet Philippe Dupuy, founder and CEO of Lettershop

Does a 100% plant-based sign for your company sound futuristic? Preserved lichen, for example, requires little maintenance and allows Philippe Dupuy, founder of Exaprint and Lettershop, to recreate your signage in more ecological materials. His career path and his commitments are reflected in his way of seeing the business world. He reveals all about it in this interview.

Meet Émilia Oliverio, Best Worker of France and so much more

The floral art in preserved plants has no more secrets for our guest Émilia Oliverio, MOF. She has been expressing her creativity for more than 25 years through floral compositions for many occasions. She gives you her advice on how to successfully integrate preserved flowers into your business. Learn more about an eclectic artist who has found a unique way of expression in preserved flowers.

Meet with Olga Prinku,the creator of the art of flower embroidery on tulle.

Olga Prinku’s delicate and innovative technique involves spinning preserved flowers into a tulle canvas. Dried flowers, foliage, herbs and berries are all present in her work. These plants become the common thread of her art. From graphic designer to artist, Olga Prinku shares in this interview her experience and the creative process that led her to the adoption of dried and preserved flowers.

aurélien guintoli

Meet with Aurélien Guintoli, florist and enthusiast of stabilized flowers.

“With preserved plants, our creativity is limited only by our imagination”: this sentence describes quite precisely the arrangements made by our guest, Aurélien Guintoli, whose story with preserved plants started after an intervention of SecondFlor’s co-founder, Mikaël Nicolas. Today, he trains other florists to express themselves through floral art and tells us his story in this interview.

Meeting with Maryse Gilbert, designer of jewelry made of stabilized plants.

The concept of plant-based jewelry, created by Maryse Gilbert, still has a bright future ahead with this unique concept. From human resources director to jewelry designer, Maryse Gilbert has learned from her encounters and experiences to innovate with the help of living or stabilized plants. Discover her journey and the origin of her brand in this interview.

Meet Kenichi Ohchi, the Japanese heir of OHCHI stabilized plants.

We would like to introduce you to Kenichi Ohchi, General Sales Manager of Ohchi Nursery Ltd, a Japanese producer of more than 1800 references of dried and preserved plants. His background away from the family business has led him to innovate and shift boundaries to promote the grandeur and beauty of nature. Discover his background, his commitments and his vision of the preserved flowers industry in this interview.

Sarah Willemart

Meet Sarah Willemart, florist, artist, and author of Inked & Blossom

One can say that Sarah Willemart fell into the magic potion of flowers when she was young… As the daughter of a florist, her career has always been directly linked to the floral profession, but her inspirations come from elsewhere: from the world of tattoos. She is guided by each individual to create a composition of preserved plants to be placed directly on one’s body. An art that she shares with us in this interview.

mariage wedding

Meet Emilie Gouyet, or how to successfully combine stabilized flowers and wedding.

When stabilized flowers and weddings come together in a family business, magic happens! It all started with Sandy’s love for preserved flowers when she got married in 2014, and has turned into a great adventure. Let’s meet Emilie Gouyet who shares with us the backstage of her business creation with 100% dried and stabilized plants with her sister Sandy in the south of France.

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