This section is written for all artists, craftspeople, designers and anyone who is interested in plants and is looking for inspiration to create their own floral art. We are interested in tourism, art, culture or original and eco-friendly creations from artists all over the world. Enjoy your discovery!

top 5 biophilic design hotel

The world’s top 5 biophilic design hotels

Discover the top 5 biophilic design hotels around the world. The concept of biophilic design is so innovative that it has taken a long time for hotels to get on board. Shall we take you around the world?

tendances mariage 2023 wedding trends 2023

These 2023 wedding trends that brides-to-be love

The 2023 wedding trends are varied, colourful and grandiose. We can’t wait to see all the creations you’ll be making for your clients’ most beautiful day. And because a wedding without flowers is like a summer without sun, we have combined all the wedding trends for 2023 in this article.

preserved purple lavender hydrengeas

The 2023 trends in the flower and plant sector

The flowers and preserved plants are used in interior design, for the decoration of professional establishments in the hotel and restaurant industry, as gifts, at weddings or professional events (trade fairs, seminars, etc.) and on many other occasions. The editors have put together a list of the biggest trends for flowers and plants in 2023.

glycine magnifique japon ashikaga park

The floral wonderland of Ashikaga Park and its illuminations

You have probably already seen a picture of this magnificent wisteria. It is located in Japan, in the Ashikaga Flower Park, which evolves in accordance with the seasonality of the flowers. If you are visiting Japan, this is an attraction to add to your list no matter what time of year it is. Let’s discover it from day to night on our magazine.

Situes dans le sud de la Dordogne, les Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac font partie de la liste des jardins remarquables de France.

The Marqueyssac Gardens

Located in the southern Dordogne, the Hanging Gardens of Marqueyssac are on the list of remarkable gardens of France. Surrounding the 18th century castle, the grounds extend for around 4 miles of shaded walks, lined with 150,000 hand-trimmed boxwoods, and embellished with gazebos, rock gardens, waterfalls and open air theaters…

Naturya – The Musical & Floral Show

More than a performance, Naturya is an experience. A human and artistic adventure that takes us into a unique vegetal and floral fairy tale. Axel Montel originally imagined this ecological fable in 2007, and then began to bring it to life following his meeting with the composer Jean-Jacques Futterer. Between 2014 and 2019, the Naturya tribe performed sold-out shows at every performance.

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