What is it ?

Everything you need to know about maintenance-free preserved flowers, plants and moss. Production, preservation techniques and answers to all your questions can be found in the “What Is It?” section.

Preservation pulverisation

What is spraying preservation?

Spraying preservation is a technique for preserving previously dried plants. The process involves spraying the top of the plant with a glycerine-based solution, rather than immersing it completely.

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Mixed and future-oriented techniques

On the magazine, we present techniques that allow dehydration, rehydration, absorption, colouring and sometimes all at the same time. Depending on the result you are looking for and on each plant, it is possible to use combinations of all these techniques, details in this article.


Stabilized VS preserved

There are two different techniques for preserving plants: stabilisation and preservation. In this article, we take stock of the situation and put things straight.

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The preservation of reindeer moss (also known as lichen)

It is in the heart of the Scandinavian landscape that reeinder moss is harvested. Literally reindeer moss, this lichen is the food of these animals which are also omnipresent in this region. It is one of the bestsellers of preservation but also one of the longest existing.

Preserved flowers are not natural ?

The opposite of a natural flower is the synthetic flower. A copy is created that is as similar as possible using synthetic materials. Plant stabilisation is primarily a technology for preserving fresh plants. So, natural or not natural? Find out in this article.

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The double immersion technique for preserved flowers

Capillary preservation is particularly suitable for the preservation of foliage and trees. Nevertheless, contrary to what is said on certain unscrupulous websites, it is not the ideal solution for stabilising flowers. We will therefore detail the general principles.

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