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Everlasting commercial compositions to copy, replicate and tailor for your customers. You will be able to follow step by step photos or videos. Through these DIYs, we give you techniques and ideas for unique compositions that are easy to follow. Share your creations with the #SecondNatur.


« Aspidistra » by Labotanica Design

Discover this refreshing creation, Aspidistra, created by Labotanica Design. Find out more about the process used to create this decorative structure, which is the perfect addition to a natural interior.

materiel pour diy fete de fin dannee roses rouges salal pot blanc et materiel pour fleuriste de fleurs stabilisees

The perfect holiday DIYs to make for your flower business

Preserved commercial arrangements are perfect to increase the average basket of your customers and encourage impulse buying during the festive season. They are also excellent for you, florists and retailers, as you can prepare them as early as November and offer them for sale throughout December. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to create your self-service arrangements. In this article, we will inspire you and guide you step by step to create commercial arrangements that your customers will fall in love with when they visit your shop whether it’s online or IRL.

DIY : Rose under glass

It’s the last moments before Valentine’s Day, just enough time to make this step by step gift for your customers. This small container filled with delicate white rose petals, topped with a stabilized red rose, will be perfect to melt the hearts of all lovers.

DIY : Heart of Roses

There’s an air of romance everywhere, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day after all. And to celebrate the season of love in style, what better way to put your customers in the mood than with a DIY creation. This birch heart with its graphic effect, accompanied by ivy and stabilized red roses, can be made in just a few minutes!

DIY : Rose Nest

Discover this delicate arrangement, ideal for presenting a festive effect to your customers. The glitter, silver ribbon and decorative stars create a New Year’s Eve look. Make this creation in a few easy steps and only a few minutes.

DIY : a Christmas Wave on your table

A glittering wave is coming into your home, thanks to this dynamic arrangement in festive colours: with red roses, silver wicker and Christmas decorations. Find out how to create this centrepiece in just a few easy steps, bringing a little Christmas magic to your interior decoration.

DIY : the magical Christmas Bubble

December is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for the holidays. A bit of red with a stabilized rose, a bit of Christmas spirit with artificial snow and a little trick to put stars in your customers’ eyes. In just a few minutes, create a discreet and elegant decoration that will enhance the rest of your shop.

Fall stripes

The dahlia is an autumn flower, so what better way to make it the centrepiece of this design. Enhanced with birch and pepper, it’s time to use orange colours. An autumnal theme for a composition with contemporary lines that can be done in 15 minutes.

Forest Walk

Let’s take a walk in the woods… ♪ ♫ It’s the beginning of autumn, what better way to start the season than with wood, ferns and bright colours.
Interested in a little souvenir from a walk in the woods on your table? Then follow this step-by-step guide that takes only 15 minutes to complete!

Flower Crown

The flower crown: The ultimate spring accessory. Check out this version by Benoît Saint-Amand that combines elegance and naivety, perfect for giving your customers a nymph look. For a wedding, a special occasion or just for fun, offer this dreamlike arrangement with rose, hydrangea and eucalyptus.

Tower of Roses

A creation with contemporary notes and pure lines. All adorned with pretty roses on stems and a few wicker branches… Enough to impress the gallery, isn’t it?  Follow this step-by-step to create this composition in just 15 minutes.

DIY : Heart of glass

No, we’re not going to talk about Blondie’s song today, but about a new composition on the theme of Valentine’s Day! A perfect little container to discreetly decorate your space and highlight the red rose: the symbol par excellence of romance.

Rose at heart

The season of lovers is fast approaching, and what better than a heart with a red rose heart to put everyone in the mood.

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