Christmas Triptych

December is here at last! It’s time to embark on a three-part work of art, perfect for decorating the interior of your shop with a festive air. Accessorize Christmas baubles with silver stabilized roses for a magnificent icy shimmer effect.


To make this Do It Yourself, you need :
– 3 flat containers
– 3 stabilized silver rose heads
– Sisal fiber
– 3 plastic Christmas balls
– Hot glue
– Floral glue
– A cutter blade

1 / Cut off the tops of the plastic balls with the cutter to create 3 small containers.

2 / Using hot glue, stick the sisal fibre inside the balls to create a collar.

3 / Cut the stem of the roses so that it fits the ball.

4 / Glue the roses to the inside of the container balls.

5 / Place the balls in the photophores.

6 / Add glitter to the bottom of the photophores.

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