« Tattoos meet flowers » by Sarah Willemart


In her book “Inked & Blossom”, floral designer Sarah Willemart illustrate the encounter between floral art and tattoo.

Through 16 original themes – Vintage, Gladiator, Elvish or Romantic – the artist undresses the models’ bodies with her vegetal creations.

Two of these themes have been realized with preserved vegetals : Baroque and Brazil. We love them even more because we sponsored them.

Martin Luther King, Matisse, Plato or a Viking Proverb legend the photographic compositions and take us on a philosophical and poetic journey.

Through the pages of this genuine book of art, tattoos are a source of inspiration and compositions become floral ornaments.

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Instagram // @sarahfleurfrance
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Designer florale : Sarah Willemart Bauer
Photographe : Fabrice Fouque – Nikoniste dans l’âme

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