The 2023 trends in the flower and plant sector

preserved purple lavender hydrengeas

Preserved flowers and plants are used for interior design, for the decoration of professional facilities in the hotel and catering industry, as gifts, at weddings or professional events (trade fairs, seminars, etc.) and on many other occasions. The trends inevitably impact your work with plants and the demands of your customers. The editors have put together a list of the most important trends for flowers and plants in 2023.

  1. What colours will be in vogue in 2023?
  2. Customizing your living environment is now a priority.
  3. A return to nature in the scenery.
  4. Wabi-sabi, the art of celebrating imperfections.

What colours will be in vogue in 2023?

The colour block is back on trend.

The colour block trend consists of clashing different blocks of colour in the same outfit, room, or setting. This trend comes from the fashion world and brings dynamism to decoration. In addition to sofas and furniture in bright, monochrome colours, this trend will be adapted to the interior of the home, for example with monochromatic flower bouquets with matching vases. It will also be a trend for weddings and private events with brightly coloured settings in reds, pinks, and oranges among others.

#Barbiecore, an ingrained trend in 2023.

It’s a trend that comes straight from pop culture with the upcoming release of the Barbie movie (starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) in 2023. It soon found its way into interior design magazines, fashion shows, and coupled with the colour block at private events. Valentino has also dedicated its winter 2023 collection to hot pink, a colour developed in collaboration with Pantone. Trend predictor WGSN has announced that a magenta shade called “orchid flower” is the colour of the year 2023. Etsy is already reporting a 21% increase in searches for pink decor. The #Barbiecore has already reached 173M views on TikTok. In short, are you ready to become a Barbie girl in a Barbie world?

Lavender, the colour and the flower in the spotlight.

Pantone predicted it in 2022: the colour lavender Very Peri will once again be a trend in 2023. This was without counting on the intervention of Taylor Swift and the release of her love anthem Lavender Haze, which made lavender, the colour as well as the plant, a sign of romance. According to WGSN, the colour lavender represents “well-being and a virtual change of scenery”. More than a notion of well-being, gardeners are also choosing to plant lavender in their clients’ gardens to satisfy one of the most efficient pollinators, the bumblebee. A trend that is as beautiful as it is beneficial to our spirits and the planet.

EnnamoRED of RED in 2023.

For flower lovers, whether they are growers, florists or end consumers, red is a synonym for passion. In this spirit, Thursd has chosen a vibrant red called Passion Red as the colour of the year for the flower industry. Pantone has also just announced a red colour called Viva Magenta as the colour of the year 2023. This is a boon for floral designers like you who are always looking for new shades of red for their arrangements. The year 2023 looks exciting with this selection of red plants at SecondFlor.

Customizing your living environment is now a priority.

A functional, personalised and beautiful interior. This is what interiors and offices should look like from 2023. Time flies, and people like to surround themselves with recognisable products and materials that make them feel good. This means customizing their space with flowers from their childhood, vintage furniture from the 70s or 80s, etc. For professionals, this means large, functional offices and creating an environment that boosts employee productivity.

A return to nature in the scenery.

Biophilic design, from the outside in.

In this trend, nature is allowed to enter the home until the boundary between outside and inside becomes invisible. Biophilic design is a concept introduced by the renowned biologist E.O. Wilson. In 1984, he published a book in which he responded to our innate need to be in touch with nature with a few principles that we would later call biophilic design. In 2023, we are seeking to integrate more nature into the design of homes and work spaces, notably through natural materials and shades of brown, green, grey, mole, beige, emeraldPreserved plant walls are an essential form of expression of biophilic design in all interiors.

Ecology at the heart of decorating.

More than an ode to nature, ecology is at the heart of the trends of 2023. The anti-waste desire is manifested through second-hand purchases, Do It Yourself or purchases of products made from recycled materials. 49.4% of purchasers of second-hand decorative objects declare that they adopt this approach to preserve the environment. Recycled PET table textiles and carpets have entered the market. Artists such as William Amor are recycling objects to make real works of art. We hope that this trend is here to stay, as ecology is at the heart of the SecondNatur editorial team’s concerns.

tapis en PET recyclé

Wabi-sabi, the art of celebrating imperfections.

What is wabi-sabi? This concept comes straight from Japan and celebrates the simplicity and natural wear and tear of time. This translates into flower pots and decorative elements made of raw materials, worn by time, with irregular shapes and relief. This is the trend behind the broken and glued together crockery that invaded the internet a few years ago. Wabi-sabi enhances the imperfections of nature through unique, 100% natural and unstandardised plants. SecondFlor is in fact a pioneer of this trend 😉.

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