Preserved flowers are not natural ?

The opposite of a natural flower is a synthetic one. A copy is created as closely as possible using synthetic materials. Plant preservation is above all a fresh plants preservation technology. A flower is treated with different processes to make it last longer. Therefore we can say that the raw material is 100% natural.

It is a natural flower… but a dead one

Yet, looking at a preserved flower, doubt remains. This feeling mainly comes from the colour of these flowers. Indeed, the colour of the preserved flower is copied from the original one : the use of dyestuffs is part of the preser process. Then, we can defend ourselves : The dyestuffs are food and of natural origin. We can get as close as possible to the true colors. Original ones can be created. Some fresh flowers are also painted with more or less doubtful results… but it is important to recognize that the preserved flower colors are not the original ones.

Preserved flowers are an eco-friendly alternative to freshly-cut flowers

Who really asks this question ? Environment protectors ? Those can be reassured. Preserved flowers are a natural product which, because of their benefits, are above all an ecological alternative. Its durability, its low carbon footprint and reduced waste, obviously makes it a flower of the future… naturally 😉 Find our products on

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