What are the advantages of green walls in the workplace?

Walls made from stabilized plants are THE trend of the moment. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of these vertical gardens, their use in offices has multiple virtues.

What are green walls made of?

Before identifying the advantages of stabilized green walls, it is necessary to understand what stabilisation is. It is a technology for the conservation of fresh plants. Several techniques have been developed to adapt to the characteristics and constraints of each family of plant.

For example, mosses, which are used as a basis for plant walls, are preserved by spraying, while lichen is preserved by immersion

Foliage, which is frequently used in the composition of plant walls, is stabilized by capillary action.

Thanks to these different techniques, stabilized plants and flowers retain their flexibility and natural freshness without any maintenance.

The benefits of a stabilized green wall

Easy maintenance

Stabilized green walls are an excellent investment that do not require complex and time-consuming maintenance. They are the ideal solution for decorating a living or working area. If you do not want living walls, stabilized walls are an excellent alternative. However, we recommend that you take note of the conditions of use of stabilized plants to ensure that your green wall remains in perfect condition for as long as possible.

More well-being and productivity

The presence of stabilized plants in the workplace improves the quality of life at work and the well-being of employees. 

Stabilized indoor plants and moss walls also provide an environment that increases productivity. It has been proven that a green living environment slows down the heart rate and reduces blood pressure. This reduction in stress promotes concentration at work and thus productivity.

Acoustic properties

Noise plays an important role in comfort at work, especially in open spaces where the volume can become unpleasant. Stabilized green walls allow you to create peaceful working environments. They dampen sound and increase the acoustic comfort of work spaces.  

The sound absorption property is important for all environments with high reverberation values, such as restaurants, shopping centres or offices. You will have an aesthetic as well as a functional advantage.

A unique and customised design

Whether you decide to build a stabilized green wall yourself or hire a specialist company, you will always be able to personalise your wall. You can adapt it to the size of your premises, to the colours of your company, and even have your logo created in a vegetal format. There are no limits to creativity and the wide variety of flowers and plants available means that you can create real masterpieces.

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