vegetaux stabilises spectacle

Preserved plants in the world of entertainment

Preserved plants are attractive to the entertainment sector because they combine aesthetics, economy, ease of maintenance, creativity, and ecology — essential qualities for successful and responsible stage productions.

Our tips for using preserved plants in the creation of terrariums

In recent years, in line with the trends of biophilic design and a pronounced return to greenery, terrariums have gained significant popularity, ultimately convincing nature enthusiasts whether or not they possess a green thumb. We can’t tell you enough: with preserved plants, anything is possible, including terrariums. Discover our expert advice.

flower shop christmas boutique de fleurs noël

Get your flower shop ready for Christmas

It’s time for florists to get ready for a magical Christmas season. To stand out from the crowd and offer your customers an exceptional experience, decorating your shop is essential. In this article, we’ll explore how to prepare your flower shop with a special touch of stabilised flowers and plants.

Magazine en ligne dédié aux fleurs et plantes stabilisées
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Online magazine dedicated to stabilized
flowers and plants
Secondnatur is a brand belonging to



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