bonsai juniperus Bonsai

“Juniperus Bonsai” by Labotanica Design

Discover the Juniperus Bonsai created by Labotanica Design in the SecondNatur studio. Labotanica Design is a floral designer who works with fresh, dried and preserved plants in the heart of Toulouse, France.

Boucles d'oreilles floral earrings

“Floral earrings” by Le Dahlia Noir

Elegance and modernity… Floral earrings are a trend that is taking hold in the wedding industry. These delicate pink floral earrings were designed by Lénaic Peillon, better known as Le Dahlia Noir.

fleuriste travaillant durant la fête des mères 2023 florist working during mother's day 2023 in her shop surrounded by preserved flowers

Florist – How to skyrocket your sales for mother’s day

Florists, there’s so much to do that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you increase your sales easily on Mother’s Day 2023. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to prepare for the big day, and how to make the weekend a real success.

top 5 biophilic design hotel

The world’s top 5 biophilic design hotels

Discover the top 5 biophilic design hotels around the world. The concept of biophilic design is so innovative that it has taken a long time for hotels to get on board. Shall we take you around the world?

œuf de pâques easter egg

“Easter egg” by Aurélien Guintoli

Aurélien Guintoli’s world is both eclectic and colourful. This florist craftsman models floral compositions, each one more original than the next. Today for SecondNatur, he creates a beautiful Easter egg.

lancement usa drapeau fleurs grossiste wholesale

PRESS RELEASE: Something new for our American readers

All professionals in the Contiguous United States are now able to purchase preserved flowers and plants on The best quality/price ratio on the market, ultra-fast delivery or even a professional and available commercial service – in short, our US customers will also enjoy the same advantages as their European counterparts. SecondFlor is the business partner you can rely on.

peigne fleuri mariage wedding comb

The “wedding comb” by Le Dahlia Noir

Le Dahlia Noir has created for our magazine a trendy wedding comb made of preserved flowers for the 2023 weddings. Between craftsman and artist, the founder of Le Dahlia Noir, Lénaic Peillon, is a visionary. He advocates slow consumption, which is why he made the ecological choice of preserved flowers.

bouquet de mariée bridal bouquet

The “bridal bouquet” by Le Dahlia Noir

Le Dahlia Noir plunges into a poetic universe, mixing fashion, art, architecture and design, to seduce future brides. Lénaic Peillon, its founder, accepted our invitation and created for SecondNatur, a series of WORKS to discover in the world of weddings. After the boutonniere, he created a trendy bridal bouquet in pink and nude tones.

tendances mariage 2023 wedding trends 2023

These 2023 wedding trends that brides-to-be love

The 2023 wedding trends are varied, colourful and grandiose. We can’t wait to see all the creations you’ll be making for your clients’ most beautiful day. And because a wedding without flowers is like a summer without sun, we have combined all the wedding trends for 2023 in this article.


The “boutonniere” by Le Dahlia Noir

In this first WORKS, Le Dahlia Noir made a boutonniere in nude pink tones, under the sharp eye of our cameras. Le Dahlia Noir is a brand with a strong and baroque identity, launched by Lénaic Peillon in 2020. He has created a poetic universe, mixing fashion, art, architecture and design, to seduce future brides.

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