Why do stabilised plants and flowers no longer need water?

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Stabilised plants and flowers are a real miracle of horticultural technology! Thanks to a natural, environmentally-friendly preservation process, they no longer need water to stay fresh and vibrant for years. We explain everything in this article.

What process stabilises flowers, plants and mosses?

When preserving them, a biodegradable solution based on glycerine and natural dyes is used to replace the plant’s natural sap, keeping it in perfect condition without the need for regular watering. There isn’t just one method, but dozens. The main ones are listed in this introductory article if you’d like to find out more.

Why are stabilised plants a revolution for professionals?

This ingenious process allows professionals to embellish their spaces, events and floral creations without worrying about the need for water or the constant upkeep of fresh plants. Whether for indoor or outdoor decorations, weddings, boutiques or events, they are perfect for your needs and those of your customers. Stabilised plants and flowers offer a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative, dramatically reducing water wastage while preserving the beauty of nature in its truest form.

How do stabilised plants and flowers prevent water being wasted?

Unlike fresh plants, which need regular watering to keep them fresh and vibrant, stabilised plants don’t need any water at all! This lack of need for water means significant water savings, preserving a precious and limited resource. By opting for these preserved plants, professionals are making a responsible and ecological choice by helping to considerably reduce water consumption in their projects and installations.

In short, stabilised plants are the life!

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