LEGO + Flowers = Inspiration in the World of Floral Art

lego flowers fleurs

Lego, the symbols of our childhood, have made a comeback in the world of floral art, but this time with a touch of sophistication. Floral arrangements made from Legos are the latest trend to shake up the floral industry, bringing a whole new level of originality.

A new look for the LEGO brand

Blending the playful world of Legos with the everlasting beauty of flowers, these daring creations are astonishingly modern. Previously accustomed to compositions with childish or geeky themes, the brand is now embarking on surprising and eye-catching experiments! This original trend is appealing to customers looking for something new and innovative.

An environmentally-friendly initiative

With the aim of using sustainable materials in all their products and packaging by 2030, LEGO has since 2018 launched the first parts made from an innovative plastic derived from ecologically grown sugar cane. This gives builders of all ages the opportunity to create while protecting the planet!

Focus on the flowers featured in the ICONS collection

LEGO’s collections stand out for their originality and creativity. Among them, the Dried Flower Centrepiece piece stands out for its timeless charm and unique floral touch. We’ll let you take a look at these beauties.

Thanks to LEGO, flowers have been given again a whole new dimension, offering endless decorating possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and explore the inspiring world of flower Legos to build floral arrangements that will live long in the memory. And if you’re looking for natural everlasting flowers, you know SecondFlor is the place to go.

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