“Maple velvet” by Labotanica Design

velvet erable maple velvet

Labotanica Design pays tribute to Japan with this work of plant art. The Japanese maple, also known as Acer palmatum, is a tree with significant symbolic meaning in Japanese culture. It is widely associated with beauty, grace, and serenity. The stabilised plants will keep this work of art intact for many years to come. In this article, we take a look behind the scenes of its creation.

The material needed

To recreate this magnificent WORKS, you’ll need : 

How does Labotanica Design create this velvet maple?

This plant-based work of art is the fruit of long and meticulous craftsmanship. Before turning, he made a base of coloquinte, which he began by covering with stabilised lamb ears leaves. The next step is to carefully peel off the maple leaves one by one, then stick them onto the bleached branch.

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