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tendance barbiecore trend

The Barbiecore trend has recently emerged, inspired by the July 2023 release of the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie in the iconic role of the fair-haired doll. This trend feeds on 90s nostalgia, capturing the spirit of the iconic Barbie doll and bringing a touch of retro and bright colour to our everyday lives. How can you adopt it? Read the article.

How can the Barbiecore trend be applied to the plant industry?

The plant world is no exception when it comes to following trends, and Barbiecore is no exception. Plants and flowers can be used to add a touch of colour and fantasy to any space. Bouquets made up of flowers in bright hues and a variety of textures can also be used to create Barbiecore arrangements, perfect for themed events or party decorations. This was the theme of the 3rd edition of the Floral Plant Scenographer competition. Candidates had to create a stand based on the Barbiecore trend at the Florevent show in Paris on 26 and 27 March 2023. Congratulations to Margot Gourlat, the winner of the award!

Where can professionals buy Barbiecore flowers and plants?

SecondFlor, our European partner wholesaler in preserved flowers and plants, offers hundreds of references online for professionals in all sectors. We have selected for you all preserved pink flowers, preserved pink foliage, and preserved pink moss.

Barbiecore beyond the plant world

Barbiecore is not restricted to the plant industry, and can be explored in a variety of sectors. In fashion, for example, brightly coloured clothes, bold prints and playful accessories are making a comeback. Interior design enthusiasts can incorporate retro and colourful elements, using vintage furniture or funky design accents. Even make-up can be influenced by Barbiecore, with the use of bright colours and glossy finishes to create bold looks.

To discover more trends, take a look at our magazine or reproduce creations by following the DIY steps by steps.

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