Our tips for using preserved plants in the creation of terrariums

In recent years, in line with the trends of biophilic design and a pronounced return to greenery, terrariums have gained significant popularity, ultimately convincing nature enthusiasts whether or not they possess a green thumb. These small vegetal oases confined within transparent containers provide a unique way to create and contemplate the beauty of nature on a small scale.

Terrarium: a decorative object that captivates with its diverse styles

It’s worth noting that the history of terrariums is not as recent as one might think. It is credited to the botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who accidentally discovered in the 19th century that it was possible to cultivate plants in a closed container.

TerraLiving‘s creations can inspire you to create your own terrariums with 100% stabilized plants. The goal of these Malaysian artists is to bring an immersive and elegant aesthetic to living spaces. They use their own stabilized moss: ZERO Moss.

A wide variety of containers can be cleverly used to create aesthetically pleasing plant compositions. From elegant glass pots to trendy jars, and transparent acrylic cloches, each container choice can add a distinctive touch to your creations. Modular compartment boxes also offer a practical solution for arranging different plant varieties harmoniously. These carefully selected containers contribute to creating a pleasant and inspiring environment, appealing to customers due to their highly customizable nature.

The composition of a terrarium with living plants requires a container, a substrate tailored to the needs of the selected plants, and these elements are essential to create optimal conditions for the development of a miniature ecosystem within an indoor space.

Nova Direct Sunlight Window by TerraLiving

A terrarium made with preserved plants? Yes, it’s possible!

Many professionals are curious about using stabilized plants to create a terrarium. Is it possible, and if so, how?

As a reminder, preserved plants are deceased but preserved in time. They offer a highly interesting alternative for those who want to add impactful decorative elements without the need for short or long-term care. They also allow for extreme customization with various ranges and colors, enabling the creation of increasingly original designs that are sure to impress your clients.

While a regular terrarium requires minimal attention, one crafted entirely with stabilized plants demands absolutely no maintenance. This ensures you have a vegetal element that will brighten up any professional or personal environment without the need for care.

What does a terrarium with stabilized plants consist of?

While moss is widely favored in the creation of terrariums, you can absolutely choose to incorporate foliage, and even flowers. You can include any preserved plants you desire, provided you adhere to the usual conditions for using our stabilized plants and flowers: avoid contact with water or other liquids, direct sunlight, and sources of heat that are too close.

This is why considering creating a terrarium with a mix of live and stabilized plants is not advisable. Living plants require water to thrive, while preserved ones deteriorate with even the slightest humidity variation.

However, your creativity can still flourish. Here are some examples of what a terrarium made with stabilized plants can contain:

  • Instead of substrate: sand, fabric, cotton, soil, wood chips, pebbles, beads, paper, seashells, and anything else that comes to mind and can fit into your container.
  • Instead of live plants: reindeer moss, forest moss, ferns, maple, eucalyptus, dahlias, roses, and all other products you can find on SecondFlor.

You can also add decorative elements that will allow you to offer customized compositions to your clients, suitable for all environments, all without maintenance. Create miniature landscapes, a tiny forest, a beach, or the favorite fairy house for children.

Don’t hesitate any longer and embark on creating stabilized terrariums to offer an original product to your clients, allowing you to achieve good profit margins.

Get started with our Canopy range on Secondflor.com.

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