Camila Carlow or the art of blooming all our vital organs

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Camila Carlow is one of those exceptional artists whose work not only captivates the senses, but also the mind. Her unique and bold art, which involves merging plants with human anatomy, has created a sensation on social media and captured the world’s attention. Let’s discover her work.

Nature meets Anatomy

UK-based artist Camila Carlow is known for her distinctive artistic style that combines human anatomy with the elements of nature. She uses stabilised flowers and plants to bring to life visually striking representations of the vital organs of the human body. Her work crosses the boundaries of conventional floral art to become a celebration of life and the connection between mankind and nature.

Eternal beauty captured by Camila Carlow

A fascinating feature of Camila’s work is her use of stabilised plants. These stabilised plants allow her creations to retain their natural beauty for long periods, despite the inherent ephemerality of flowers. This contrast between ephemeral beauty and durability reinforces the message of her work: the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

Through her work, Camila Carlow encourages each of us to consider our place in the global ecosystem and to act responsibly to preserve the planet we share.

Her Instagram : @cami.carlow
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